Live Like it's the 2000s

Here are some links to some Y2K stuff. These include websites, messangers, games and more.

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(This page is still being added to)



This is a program that makes old version of Windows Live or MSN Messanger work on newer computers.


A Myspace clone.


Another Myspace clone


A video sharing site à la old school YouTube.

Glitter Graphics

Glitter graphics, blinkies, dividers, etc


NOTE: You can use the Pale Moon web browser to play flash games

KiSS Dolls

Kisekae Set System dolls, including how to play them


Webkinz now allows you to adopt a free pet when you sign up. It currently runs in a desktop app.

Club Penguin Rewritten

A Club Penguin clone. Runs with HTML5 so you don't need a special browser.

Gaia Online

A virtual world where you can create a custom avatar.

Meez Nation

A remake of Meez. As of 9/10/2021, the website has not been completed.


An old flash game website with emo/goth/scene games. It is returning as of Octboer 2021 (most likely with HTML5).